i guess i’m a runner?

i’ve never considered myself much of a runner.

i grew up as the kid who was just a little bit outta shape… the girl who hated to run, the girl who dreaded the track and field unit in P.E. because she was the slowest, the girl who hated most of her gym teachers–general rule: if you tell me to run anywhere that I don’t want to, i will probably hate you. i hated running because it was hard. it was hard and i couldn’t do is as well as all the thin little girls could. even when high school came and i became a lot more active it was in volleyball and kickboxing and step aerobics: anything but running. i was the girl who wasn’t any good at running. that fact had been pretty clearly established the first 15 years of my life. grade ten came and i began to run because kickboxing indoors got old.

so i started. i bought myself some nike running shoes, a nike+ running system that counted my miles as i ran and an ipod nano. for two years i ran on and off, probably never more than two miles (3.2km)… ever. 2 miles was a great run for me. i was exhausted when i got back and thought that was the craziest distance in the world. three times a year in PE class we had to run 5km. i never ran without stopping but i did okay. i usually finished in 35 minutes.

enter grade twelve. something i’ve always wanted to do was run THE biggest 10km race in north america, the vancouver sun run. i don’t feel like you can be a respectable vancouverite having never run the sun run. to make sure i remain respected, i decided to sign up. i ran my first 10km on april 20, 2008 with 59,000 other runners. i ran regularly in the weeks leading up to the run but didn’t “train” — my farthest distance to date was 6km. i ran the 10km race in 1 hour 12 minutes.

i made a list of things i wanted to do in my life when i was 16. on it, i wrote “run a half-marathon.” (note: not a full marathon folks, let’s not get crazzzzy up in here.) i figured i should start working towards that before i woke up one day and found myself married with four kids and no time. (because life obviously happens like that… acquiring a husband and multiple kids overnight?) i signed up and ran a 15KM race in january 2009 and i DID train for this one! it was the chilly chase in langley, bc and you can read all about it on my blog HERE. for my training i followed the novice hal higdon 15K training guide. my time for the race was 1 hour 52 minutes.

it was an AMAZING experience. loved it. loved training for it (or at least i remember that i do… i think i block out all the bad, wet, cold, rainy miserable memories and runs.) loved crossing the finish line. loved the amazing feeling after i had just ran for TWO HOURS straight! i took a few months off of intense running before toying with the idea of making my half-marathon dream a reality in 2010. in november, i signed up for the fort langley historic half-marathon on feburary 21, 2010. and i paid sixty-five dollars to do so. so i guess i gotta now, right?

i’m two and a half weeks into the twelve-week hal higdon novice half-marathon training plan.
& so… i guess this makes me a runner.


3 responses to “i guess i’m a runner?

  1. Congrats on signing up for your first half! You will love it. I just ran my first half marathon (first race ever) last August.. the Chicago rock n’ roll half. I also hated, hated, hated running and mostly just signed up for the challenge. It was the best experience! I loved every minute of it (well, maybe not the last 2 minutes or so..). I’m now fully addicted and have since run a few other shorter races, but just signed up for my first marathon in Alaska, which is in June. Crazy. Good luck with your training!

  2. So I’m not a respectable Vancouverite? *Gasp* 🙂

  3. You don’t know me but you inspire me greatly. I’m only 13 but you are such an example to me- which probably seems silly to you since you don’t write any big huge sermons or anything, but just your determination even to such a simple things such as running! Your simple faith in Jesus is awesome. There is no one my age that understands the relationship I have with Jesus so I constantly am looking up to older siblings, girls, etc. I play soccer and I’ve lately felt God calling me to be a soccer player- its my little ministry 😀 which then of course means, unfortunately that i’m going to have to try with everything in me to play to the best of my ability for God’s glory and to be an example to my team. This pas summer I started running 1 mile about 4-5 times a week which like you were saying when you were younger was QUITE the accomplishment, but its kind of my dream to run a half-marathon or do a triathlon, and I just might do it now. Anyway, I am kind of like you when you were younger- the girl that was not “fat” but a little outta shape, not so much anymore but hearing that you were like that before you started running is encouraging to me. And the fact that you Love Jesus is all the more better 😀 Sorry to leave such a long comment on here- I just don’t have any other way to contact you.
    In Christ,

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