week 3.

december 16th
distance: 3.5 miles
time: 38 minutes
treadmill run.
thoughts: felt good overall while i was running. my knee has been hurting me like crazy for the past 24 hours since my run. thankfully the next day was a rest day and i’ve been icing it and trying to stay off my feet in general.

december 17th
rest day.
praise the lord!

december 18th
20 minutes on the stairstepper.
20 minutes on the elliptical.
thoughts: this is why i run. stairsteppers are funny. ellipticals feel like flying through space. just weird. i’d rather run. oh and my ipod decided to stop working on me, so i did 40 minutes of cardio in SILENCE! ohhh goodness me.

december 19th: long run day.
i bought a new ipod yesterday.
distance: 5 miles.
time: 56 minutes.
treadmill run.
thoughts: proud of myself. i was at the gym by nine and stayed on that silly little treadmill for the next hour sweating away. long run days aren’t easy, and they aren’t going to get any easier over the next two months. i’m tired at the end of five miles, and it blows my mind that i’m going to run thirteen (?) in two months! one day at a time.

december 20th
i was driving home from church this afternoon and i was thinking, “i wish i could run today.” but, today was a no-run day and i knew that if i ran i would screw up my whole schedule. so i didn’t. but running is addicting. i legitmately like it. 🙂 sundays are strength & stretch days — which usually means i take them off and treat them as rest days! hah! or do a few measly pushups or something. anyway. tonight i was looking for something to do so i went to the gym.
10 minutes on 5% incline, 4.0mph
25 minutes of weights
10 minutes on 5% incline, 3.8mph
good little workout. week 4 starts tomorrow!


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