week 4.

december 21
3.5 mile run
i ran at dinnertime which felt weird. i was out all day, rushed to the gym at six, quickly fit in a 40 minute run, changed and got ready and sped to the theatre to meet my parents. saw invictus. it was great. love sports movies. love love love. i hate watching them on days where i haven’t worked out though. because then i feel lazy. but after a hard run? greatest feeling. makes me want to go run a half-marathon… oh wait. i’m already going to.

december 22
plans calls for cross-training or running 2 miles. i split the difference and ran a fast mile, and spent 12 minutes on the elliptical. pretty easy work out. my dad came to the gym (he’s newly retired so now he’s free to do that!) and he walked on the treadmill beside me. fun times.

december 23
3.5 mile run
dad felt so great about walking the other day, i come into their bed at eight this morning and he says, “are we running?” and of course, i take advantage of that question and answer, “yes,” even though i was feeling anything BUT “let’s run 3.5 miles together at 8 in the morning!”-ish. but we did. 37 minutes. and my first outside run in a long while! praise the lord for mild december weather. above freezing, no rain, lovely.

december 24
glorious rest days. i always need these so bad when they come.

december 25
cross-training day. i did a pathetic little walk with the family for a half hour? good enough.

december 26
oh the dreaded long run days. saturdays.
five mile run outside. 54 minutes.
the fog was magical.
i love running. i really really love it. long runs show me that.


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