week 6.

4 mile run outside.
50 minutes.
THAT was pretty embarassing.
kristen & i were feeling so great and cocky after our awesome, amazing “i-can’t-believe-we-just-ran-six-miles” six mile run on saturday that we thought four was going to be easy peasy. well it was raining. and we didn’t listen to music at all. just talked. and we were pooped. we walked so much. hence the 50 minutes. worst. time. ever. some days are just hard.

strength training at the gym. 15 minutes.
one mile on the treadmill.
ten minutes on the elliptical.

another four mile run with kristen.
we determined to not be as embarrassing as monday’s run.
we succeeded! we ran a hilly route around my house and finished in 42 minutes. YEP!

25 minutes on the treadmill i think? didn’t keep track of how far i ran.

rest day.

saturdays are usually my long run day, but my training schedule has a 5K race day built into the 12-week program. today was supposed to be my 5K race. it was dark outside and rainy, so i went to the gym and just tried to run as fast as i could. that’s never my goal. speed. just distance. so different focus. i ran 5k in 32 minutes i think? nothing spectacular but i tried. fast isn’t my thing. also doesn’t help that i woke up friday morning with a cold, so i was coughing every few minutes and snorting back snot with every arm pump. ughh!


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