week 7.

so, as stated at the end of week 6, i caught a cold. an annoying one. y’know, different than all those lovely-non-annoying colds? anyway. sunday is strength training/stretching. i stayed in bed most of the day.

i wake up and my cold is worse. completely congested. awful. i’m a little frustrated because i’ve yet to miss a training run and i was set to run 4.5 miles that day. i decided i needed to rest. resting bothers me. so does missing a day of training. GRR! i was at prayer monday night and my friend olivia prayed for me in my sickness and my training coming up and all that.

we were out of nighttime cold medicine the night before, so i didn’t taken any. i expected to wake up congested but my nose was completely free! it was sweet to breathe through both nostrils. convenient. i was in vancouver all day and had energy to spare! i came home and ran 3 miles outside and it felt so awesome. it had been 72 hours without a run. so rare that i go that long! thank you jesus for health. ๐Ÿ™‚ colds never leave this fast!

4.5 mile run
dark and rainy outside. so it was on the treadmill
51 minutes
a bit of strength training afterwards.
thoughts: i felt good while i was running… but i definitely did a lot of mental arguing. i’d be running and thinking, “ugh. i just want to STOP. this is boring and hard.” then another voice would say, “jamie. shut up. why do you want to walk? because it’s easier. of course walking is easier than running. get over it. stop always wanting what’s comfortable.” and so i continued. and ran. lots. gahh! i spent the rest of the day sitting and driving in my car and didn’t stretch properly. i had the WEIRDEST restless leg syndrome around dinnertime. it was so bad, i couldn’t sit. i was just pacing around my room on my iphone. haha!

rest day. i love rest days. they are just so easy. i can wake up in the morning and fully get ready for the day knowing that all my work won’t be undone with a second shower in the afternoon. it’s glorious.

crosstraining day!
30 minutes on the elliptical
20 minutes on the stairclimber.
thoughts: well. i did it. and burned some calories. not that exciting. my running shoes are killing me. i wear through my shoes so quickly, that reminds me, i need to order a new pair of nikes right now. running is an expensive hobby folks! i go through about three pairs a year! (or one every five months?) tomorrow i have a seven mile run. EEK! the reality of this is starting to hit me. that’s a long way. only ONE other time in my life have i run seven miles.

hello long run.
seven miles.
1 hour, 15 minutes.
thoughts: my dad ran the first 2.5 miles with me. it’s always nice to have him there and keeps me paced right. it was a beautiful sunny day. 7C. perfect running temperature. i dropped him and my dog off by our house and i continued to run the rest of the 7 miles. around mile 3 i was smiling, thinking, “this is great.” it goes to show you how much mental energy is needed in running. when i set out to run 3 miles, i’m dead by the end. but when i know i have to run 7, 3 is just the beginning. i ran a new route, down kind of a busy road, but i didn’t mind. i listened to jesusculture music the whole time. BEAUTIFUL. around mile 5, i was still smiling. mile 5.5 my knees started hurting so i stopped for twenty seconds and did some stretches and continued on. made it back to my house just as my distance hit 7 miles. it was so beautiful. just a great run in every way! i walked in the house and my dad goes, “how was it? you did it?” and i said, “dang right i did. i’m in great shape. boom!” haha. it’s a nice feeling. being proud of yourself for something like a long run.

and that wraps up week SEVEN!
the race is now less than five weeks ago. frightening!


2 responses to “week 7.

  1. ugh! I hate that thought while running too! I mean what motivates us to run on a endlessly spinning tarp?!

  2. I’m inspired by your determination and willingness to put yourself through it even though sometimes you don’t want to. I wish I had your strength. ๐Ÿ™‚

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