week 8.

4.5 mile run.
48 minutes or so?
outside. beautiful day. dad ran half of it with me again. i like the company.

short run day. yay! 3 miles.
ran outside: 32 minutes?

i used to consider 4.5 mile runs long, but now they are a welcome break from the longer distances! hah! ran 4.5 miles in 48 minutes again, i think. dad came with me for the last 2.5 miles. he’s improving too. go daddyyyy! 😉

rest today.
it. is. SO. needed.

the most beautiful day of the week! it was about 12 degrees (Celsius) and sunny and just so perfect outside! The idea of going to the gym to do 50 minutes of the elliptical/stairstepper for crosstraining was not thrillin’ me. My mom & I went for an hour’s walk (hilly and tried to do it fast?) at Derby Reach Park. So, I counted that as exercise. Hah!

mm. the biggest mountain to conquer yet in training: 8 miles. only one other time in my life (my 15K) had I run farther than that. i slept in, had half a bowl of cereal and a huge bowl of oatmeal. gave it an hour to digest and drove out to where i was planning to start. i parked my car, was feeling all nervous and just shaky about the whole thing. i’m not sure why. it wasn’t race day or anything! but i was really nervous. i went to the bathroom. started running.

now, it’s a funny story that i want to re-count on my photo blog, in a more entertaining way, but LONG story short, i ran 9.5 miles instead of 8. because i’m a little directionally challenged. BUT. the most important thing is that I did AWESOME. I am so so so SO proud of me. I felt amazing the entire way through. The entire way! No wall, no aches (Well, my knee always hurt around 5 or 6 miles but I ignore that. No biggie,) just smooth sailing. My 6 mile time was 1 hour, 2 minutes. I was SO impressed. The run was GORGEOUS, saw so much of my city that I had never even driven to (random farm roads.) I finished and ahhh, just felt so good. So good. I was a happy runner. I love it.

Summary: 9.38 miles.
Time: 1 hour, 38 minutes.


One response to “week 8.

  1. keep it up, girl!! way to go with working for your 1st half! i ran my 1st last april and will run again this april. once you get into the habit of training for the half, you really ENJOY the long easy runs and it’s strange when you *don’t* run. lol. keep it up and like my sister & i chanted to each other on our tough workout days…”this is fun”! keep having fun!

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