week 9.

woo! i’m behind on this, okay. let me remember here…

mmm…. nothing? maybe i went for a walk. i was supposed to do strength-training. maybe a did a little bit of that. probably nothing though. because i’m lazy like that.

up at 5AM for a shoot in Vancouver, got home at dinnertime. exhausted, but made it to the gym after dark to fit in 35 minutes of cross-training cardio.

5 mile run.
ran the first 3 alone, the last 2 with my friend amy.
my knee hurt from about mile 3 – 5.

in vancouver at a workshop all day. got home around dinnertime. didn’t work out. thank goodness i don’t work in an office 9-5. i’d never get any working out or running done.

5 mile run outside.
felt pretty good actually.
55 minutes? not bad. not super fast, but pretty good.

just a half hour of cross-training cardio at the gym.

10km run outside. i put this off ALL day. i woke up and went for breakfast with the parents unshowered and unmake-up’d, wearing my running clothes, in a separate car. i was planning to run after breakfast. well. it was  raining. and i was lazy. so i stayed in my sports bra and running stuff ALL day until about 3 o’ clock when i got up the nerve to run my 6.2 miles. can i just say NOT FUN? probably the most painful run to date. my running shoes are completely worn out. my feet hurt from mile 1. the last 5 kilometres were not fun times, but i finished and it made me stronger and whatever.
– but. it’s to be noted: definitely the most mentally challenging run yet. grrr!

i was icing like a fool all night saturday and sunday afternoon, because my knees feel wrecked and the arch of my right foot is REALLY strained. so i definitely did nothing at all on sunday even though i was supposed to strength train or cross-train. gah. though i did second-shoot a wedding. and have to stand in two church services. for a long time. so my feet hurt. lots.

THAT’s a wrap.
3 weeks left.


One response to “week 9.

  1. Yay for ice! That is my best friend 😉 Have you ever tried Icey-Hot? I swear by that too, especially when ice isn’t handy!

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