week 11.

jamie runs again, take 2? my first run after 5 days off. it was okay. did 3.5 miles. was planning to do 3 but ran too far away from the house and had to come home. story of my life! my feet definitely hurt by the end but not crazy painful? but i don’t think i could have gone more than 4 or 5…

jamie runs 3 miles? feet hurt. but not terrible. but i couldn’t really have gone further without a lot of pain.

jamie likes writing in third person for this post and wonders who the heck would read this blog? if you are, you should probably leave. 😉 one of my friends said, “oh yeah. your running blog? i went on there. i was like woah. okay. this is kinda boring.” — yes i know. it’s for me, folks, it’s for me. okay, so I got sick on Tuesday night and felt awful. pretty violent random 24-hour flu. and i woke up with a fluish cold on wednesday. so no running for me. or anything exercise related.

we’re in palm springs. we left at 5AM this morning. i’m still feeling sick. i’m not running today. i’m also starting to think this half-marathon on february 21st isn’t going to work out. researching march and april half-marathon dates. FRUSTRATED to say the least, but, i have nothing to complain about. God is good. there will be another race. 😦


3 responses to “week 11.

  1. i don’t exactly understand why, but i don’t feel the same “boringness” when i’m here. i actually love it — it encourages me. it’s digestable in just a few minutes and makes me feel like i’m not alone, “my feet really hurt.” it’s like, it’s okay, if jamie can weather it, i can too. brava, girlie, brava.

  2. I love this blog too! It’s neat to read about the other progress of runners 🙂 And don’t be discouraged about the half-marathon you missed yesterday. We’ve hardly started 2010 and there will definitely be more races 😀 I’ve been in your shoes so many times when i’ve gotten injured or sick before a race…I usually get mad at God and throw a pity-party too, but I’ve gradually learned to get over it. Keep running!

  3. Jamie!
    I bought myself a brand new pair of asics last week so that I’d be inspire to practice running – before the sun run, which i signed up for simply because someone offered to pay for my registration.
    *I* will read this blog, simply because I am desperate to know how others are doing with their running 🙂


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