hi there.

hi there. my name is jamie delaine.
i like challenges. i like to grow. i love to learn. i appreciate keeping my body healthy. & that’s what this half-marathon thing is all about.

i find that the usual reponse to “i’m training for a half-marathon” is either one of two things. a blank look, a little bit of silence and then a confused “why?” — at which point they begin to walk away in fear of my penetrating happy runner vibes.  the other response is a smile and “sweet! that’s awesome! good for you!” i like those people. but they don’t offer to run it with me. jerks.

SO. this is my little {boring} ol’ blog where i’ll record where/when/how far & in what colour running shoes i run my miles in. oh the thrill of it all. 😉 you can read my little running story here.

p.s. i take back the jerks comment. in all reality, i run because i like to be alone. sometimes. though if you volunteer to accompany me on one of my ten mile long runs, i will gladly embrace your company and buy you coffee afterwards.


One response to “hi there.

  1. Hi Jamie, I follow your photography blog (I’m a newbie to the business), but I’m also an avid runner (I run for the University of Michigan). I was browsing your blog this morning and got so excited when I saw a link to this page (I have yet to meet many photographers who run ;)) Keep it up, girl! I (attempt) to train everyday as well and even though it’s hard, it’s definitely worth it! I’ll be cheering for you during your 1/2 marathon all the way over here in Michigan!

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