week 5.

oh boy, i suddenly got back at this updating four-blogs thing. okay.

don’t remember.

4 mile run outside.

absolutely nothing. (the night before i pulled an all-nighter with my youth group until 8 in the morning!)

4 mile run.
on the treadmill. i think.
once again, i forget. but i know i ran it.

rest day.

40 minutes of cross-training at the gym.
even though i stayed up until 4AM.
committed, yo.

now this is the fun one.
kristen & i ran six miles together.
1 hour, 10 minutes.
we walked for the first three minutes.
so more like 1 hour, 7 miles.
we ran downtown seattle.
it was amazing.
SUCH an easy run, i couldn’t believe how well i felt.

did nothing. SHOULD have strength trained. i always skip that. bad jamie.


i love this.

yesterday i went for a long run, as it was a saturday. and that’s what i do on saturdays. i go for my long runs. it all makes sense now, hey? so i had to log 5 miles. my dad came with me for the first 2.5 miles and he did a walk/run. whenever he’d stop running, i’d run up ahead a few hundred metres, then run back and then by then he was usually ready to run. if not, he’d keep walking and i’d keep running. we have a great little system.

the fog was magical yesterday. simply magical. this was noon, but the fog was still hanging out in the air in all its glory. if i ran too far ahead of my dad, i’d look back and not be able to see him. so then i’d turn around and run until i could. i love it. on some of the long stretches of road i found myself smiling and thinking, “i LOVE this. i really really do.”

the feeling of putting one foot in front of the other. the practice of breathing steady and consistently. breathing in fresh air. lately on my runs i’ve been listening to hillsong, hillsong united, revolution band, christian city church. i have a tendency to over-spiritualize running but i really feel and KNOW that i can do ANYTHING with jesus. and running is a practical example of that. yes, i can put one foot in front of the other even when i don’t want to, even when it hurts my knee, even when i’d rather be home on the couch, because with Him, all things are possible. when the music builds i run faster and concentrate on moving my legs, and when the music slows down, i think about the words. think about His words and His promises. how can i not run with all my might while listening to music that exalts Him? then i get to the end of my run, i sit on my front steps and i think, yo. this girl just ran 5 miles. what WHAT!!!!! & i smile.

i’m such an happy runner.
i used to laugh at people like me.

week 4.

december 21
3.5 mile run
i ran at dinnertime which felt weird. i was out all day, rushed to the gym at six, quickly fit in a 40 minute run, changed and got ready and sped to the theatre to meet my parents. saw invictus. it was great. love sports movies. love love love. i hate watching them on days where i haven’t worked out though. because then i feel lazy. but after a hard run? greatest feeling. makes me want to go run a half-marathon… oh wait. i’m already going to.

december 22
plans calls for cross-training or running 2 miles. i split the difference and ran a fast mile, and spent 12 minutes on the elliptical. pretty easy work out. my dad came to the gym (he’s newly retired so now he’s free to do that!) and he walked on the treadmill beside me. fun times.

december 23
3.5 mile run
dad felt so great about walking the other day, i come into their bed at eight this morning and he says, “are we running?” and of course, i take advantage of that question and answer, “yes,” even though i was feeling anything BUT “let’s run 3.5 miles together at 8 in the morning!”-ish. but we did. 37 minutes. and my first outside run in a long while! praise the lord for mild december weather. above freezing, no rain, lovely.

december 24
glorious rest days. i always need these so bad when they come.

december 25
cross-training day. i did a pathetic little walk with the family for a half hour? good enough.

december 26
oh the dreaded long run days. saturdays.
five mile run outside. 54 minutes.
the fog was magical.
i love running. i really really love it. long runs show me that.

week 3.

december 16th
distance: 3.5 miles
time: 38 minutes
treadmill run.
thoughts: felt good overall while i was running. my knee has been hurting me like crazy for the past 24 hours since my run. thankfully the next day was a rest day and i’ve been icing it and trying to stay off my feet in general.

december 17th
rest day.
praise the lord!

december 18th
20 minutes on the stairstepper.
20 minutes on the elliptical.
thoughts: this is why i run. stairsteppers are funny. ellipticals feel like flying through space. just weird. i’d rather run. oh and my ipod decided to stop working on me, so i did 40 minutes of cardio in SILENCE! ohhh goodness me.

december 19th: long run day.
i bought a new ipod yesterday.
distance: 5 miles.
time: 56 minutes.
treadmill run.
thoughts: proud of myself. i was at the gym by nine and stayed on that silly little treadmill for the next hour sweating away. long run days aren’t easy, and they aren’t going to get any easier over the next two months. i’m tired at the end of five miles, and it blows my mind that i’m going to run thirteen (?) in two months! one day at a time.

december 20th
i was driving home from church this afternoon and i was thinking, “i wish i could run today.” but, today was a no-run day and i knew that if i ran i would screw up my whole schedule. so i didn’t. but running is addicting. i legitmately like it. 🙂 sundays are strength & stretch days — which usually means i take them off and treat them as rest days! hah! or do a few measly pushups or something. anyway. tonight i was looking for something to do so i went to the gym.
10 minutes on 5% incline, 4.0mph
25 minutes of weights
10 minutes on 5% incline, 3.8mph
good little workout. week 4 starts tomorrow!

i guess i’m a runner?

i’ve never considered myself much of a runner.

i grew up as the kid who was just a little bit outta shape… the girl who hated to run, the girl who dreaded the track and field unit in P.E. because she was the slowest, the girl who hated most of her gym teachers–general rule: if you tell me to run anywhere that I don’t want to, i will probably hate you. i hated running because it was hard. it was hard and i couldn’t do is as well as all the thin little girls could. even when high school came and i became a lot more active it was in volleyball and kickboxing and step aerobics: anything but running. i was the girl who wasn’t any good at running. that fact had been pretty clearly established the first 15 years of my life. grade ten came and i began to run because kickboxing indoors got old.

so i started. i bought myself some nike running shoes, a nike+ running system that counted my miles as i ran and an ipod nano. for two years i ran on and off, probably never more than two miles (3.2km)… ever. 2 miles was a great run for me. i was exhausted when i got back and thought that was the craziest distance in the world. three times a year in PE class we had to run 5km. i never ran without stopping but i did okay. i usually finished in 35 minutes.

enter grade twelve. something i’ve always wanted to do was run THE biggest 10km race in north america, the vancouver sun run. i don’t feel like you can be a respectable vancouverite having never run the sun run. to make sure i remain respected, i decided to sign up. i ran my first 10km on april 20, 2008 with 59,000 other runners. i ran regularly in the weeks leading up to the run but didn’t “train” — my farthest distance to date was 6km. i ran the 10km race in 1 hour 12 minutes.

i made a list of things i wanted to do in my life when i was 16. on it, i wrote “run a half-marathon.” (note: not a full marathon folks, let’s not get crazzzzy up in here.) i figured i should start working towards that before i woke up one day and found myself married with four kids and no time. (because life obviously happens like that… acquiring a husband and multiple kids overnight?) i signed up and ran a 15KM race in january 2009 and i DID train for this one! it was the chilly chase in langley, bc and you can read all about it on my blog HERE. for my training i followed the novice hal higdon 15K training guide. my time for the race was 1 hour 52 minutes.

it was an AMAZING experience. loved it. loved training for it (or at least i remember that i do… i think i block out all the bad, wet, cold, rainy miserable memories and runs.) loved crossing the finish line. loved the amazing feeling after i had just ran for TWO HOURS straight! i took a few months off of intense running before toying with the idea of making my half-marathon dream a reality in 2010. in november, i signed up for the fort langley historic half-marathon on feburary 21, 2010. and i paid sixty-five dollars to do so. so i guess i gotta now, right?

i’m two and a half weeks into the twelve-week hal higdon novice half-marathon training plan.
& so… i guess this makes me a runner.